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Thursday, April 13, 2006

oh wow..i haven't blogged in ages. since zouk yeah...haha

Saturday, 8th April 2006
spent the entire saturday sleeping. originally planned to do shanty's work that was due on monday, but i didn't get around to it hahaha..stayed up all saturday night trying to read her articles, but they were so unreadable. i can't remember how many cups of nescafe 3 in 1s i drank..haha..but oh well..managed to stay up the entire night (but didn't get round to doing much).

Sunday, 9th April 2006
was debating whether or not to climb on usual belayer, prawn, was ill (poor boy) so he didn't go and i initially didn't want to go, but what the heck la, thought i might as well practice my bouldering, ya know? by the time xiang picked me up and we reached summit and had (a really late) lunch, it was 4pm..guilt hit me and i decided to skip the climbing and headed down to starbucks for a venti rhumba and to do some work (lucky i was geeky enuff to bring the journal articles to the climbing gym).sat there for 2 hours plus, with a venti rhumba and another venti americano after that (espresso!!) and a lot of papers and my music..ahhh i miss uni life...damn..i took a random pic, and it was after i uploaded it that i noticed the song that was playing while i was doing my work..

Muse's Time Is Running Out!!!!

LOL!!! ironic eh..and the work was due the next day haha. rang wai leong, yum char-ed with him for a while, then upstairs to go kacau the climbers before they called it a day..bummed around a bit, chatted with some of them, stole some of calvin's music from his phone hehe :) and went for dinner at asia cafe..i am so sick of that place its not funny..went home after that cause i really had to finish shanty's work..was gonna see her the next day to hand it to her..took half day leave as well, cause there wasn't much work to do and tuesday was a public holiday :)

Monday, 10th April 2006
stayed up the entire night doing the work...was on a roll..officially finished all them nescafe 3 in 1s in my house..=P was up till 7am doing the work, emailed weeeee!, prawn and amelia and then hit the shower and off to work..

work was horribly boring, but time passed damn fast, cause i had some work to do. 2 of my colleagues were in terengganu so there was only 4 of us at work. i had earlier on applied for a half day leave, and i headed down to sunway to see shanty for the RA stuff, and to settle some of my deposit stuff :) met up with the usual bunch, went for lunch, went to see shanty. it's good seeing her after a year. :) never realized how much i missed her, and law classes, and research work till i sat down and spoke to her about anything and everyday. that woman sure can talk a lot, about a great many different things too! she got around to talking about doing my masters in MUM and that got me to thinking if i really wanted a one point in time, i really did. now im just wondering if i should just do my CFA. but a mPhil in Economics or Corporate Governance or Islamic Banking sounds REALLY tempting...ah well :) i'll take my time and think about it :)

after shanty, went to orange to yum char with the usual suspects..met up with superpeeeeeewit! :) great seeing her after so long, i missed her! lol.. and she got me these 2 really cute pencil/pen from japan :) :) just sat around and chatted a bit..made plans with weeeee! and superpeeewit to go to pyramid and lepak and hang around for dinner..weeeee! had jap classes so me and superpeeewit walked around a bit first..darn fun..we used to make all these grand plans to go shopping but we always put it off cause we were so lazy all the time hehe. walked around, yum-chared..wanted to go to starbucks, and then i got the greatest shock of my life


like wtf?!?!?!?! the rhumba is the ONLY reason i go to starbucks! arrghh pissing off pissing off..and i asked the barrista, "BUT WHY????!!" and she tells me, "oh cause the response was really good"..and im like WTF???!! what kinda marketing is this? when a product gets good response, you DO NOT DISCONTINUE THE DAMNED PRODUCT!! you tell me i can die or not..aih..and the thing is, they discontinued it cause they were coming up with a NEW product!!! YOU DO NOT DISCONTINUE ONE OF YOUR BESTSELLERS! well, too bad for them, they just lost a customer. and DOME just got a diehard loyal customer. am going to DOME from now on for my apple crush and my twister without cream.

aih...not to digress so the end me and superpeeewit ended up in DOME chatting and having our drinks..nice..after that went to get jason mraz's mr a-z from fantasy then met up with weeeee! for dinner at dave's deli..xiang ah came a while after that..went to haagen dazs for some chocolate chocolate chip ice cream..awesome stuff..sat around, talk cock a bit, then left for home and my system finally shut down. crashed, and didn't wake up till the next day

Tuesday, 11th April 2006
Public holiday!!!! :) woke up, lazed around, got bored. sms-ed a few people to see what was happening. weeee! replied, said going MV with florence. aMm called to tell me he was gonna go MV. Fate? Coincidence? more like a sign from a superior being to get my ass out of the house and to MV..bought my shampoo from a cut above, went with aMm to get his haircut at jantzen, met up with weeeee! and florence for lunch at little penang cafe..walked around a bit after that, temaned florence cari a blazer for work..walked around a bit more, bought the new stiglitz book! YAY!!!! yumcha at DOME, walked around a bit more, went to Toys 'R' Us, i think all 4 of us were catching up on the childhood we missed or something LOL

this is how you hold the lightsaber, sally!

so anyways, walked around Toys 'R' Us for a bits, disappointing la the toys..sigh..went to McD's for dinner..haven't eaten there in AGES..fillet o fish was cold and hard, but the company was awesome hahahaha...the guys were going on and on about..sesame street..and barney..a lot of sexual connotations too! kids these days..sigh...=) went home about 9pm, aMm printed out his resume, i went to day got some seminar in nikko hotel on UNDERSTANDING FINANCIAL REPORTING STANDARDS - THE USER'S PERSPECTIVE. *yawn*

Wednesday, 12th April 2006

went to hotel nikko for a talk on "Understanding Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) - The User's Perspective" organized by PricewaterhouseCoopers..was half expecting it to be some talk for old balding accounting men, but noooooooooo. it was actually kinda fun! :) the participants were really interesting people, and the speakers from PwC were EXCELLENT. i learnt loads, had fun too! and it was ACCOUNTING to boot!! and i NEVER like accounting!

oh, one important thing i cannot CANNOT leave out..HOTEL NIKKO FOOD IS GOOD!

Sashimi, Oysters, favorite aphrodisiacs! :)

went to KLCC for dinner with Jacq after that, then home, and crashed. Tired tired tired.

Thursday, 13th April 2006
Second day of seminar, took the LRT from KL Sentral to Nikko @ Ampang Park. when i got onto the platform, what i saw gave me a jolt. more like a shock actually. then it gradually softened till it was a nice "awwwww" sort of surprise. to the point i actually took pictures.


wow =)

And of course, MORE FOOOOOD!


went home by LRT after that as well, horrible rain. stranded in the station for an hour while waiting for my ride home..sigh.

ah well. after two days of 9am-53opm seminars on accounting standards, and loads of good food, i came out the winner anyways. extra knowledge on the new financial reporting standards, well fed, new friends, and best of all, NO WORK FOR TWO DAYS! =P and oh yeah, a cert to beef up my resume =P




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