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Thursday, April 06, 2006

i am listening to pantera at work today on my headphones (thank goodness for walkman phones) because i am pissed. i am pissed at nothing in particular. i am pissed at a lot of things i cannot seem to explain. i seem to hate everything around me today. from the colleagues' gossipping to the damned printer which broke down due to heavy duty submission to the bloody damned weather. the weather is beginning to piss me off. it's REALLY hot in the afternoon, when we want to go for lunch, then it starts to rain MID-LUNCH, thus causing very important corporate people to be stuck in traffic, in the rain, in the coffeeshop or the mamaks they are eating in. which in turn causes them to be pissed off at everyone, especially their subordinates. which then causes the subordinates to be REALLY pissed as well and get pounding migraines. anyway, enough rambling..

i was on my way home from work two days ago, and as i was turning around the corner, i saw this ang moh corporate looking dude all dressed up for some sort of high powered meeting (complete with a suit, tie, briefcase, gold watch, EVERYTHING) - get this - GIVING A CAB DRIVER THE MIDDLE FINGER. initially i was shocked at first cause you don't really see that kinda behavior in the middle of jalan raja chulan where i work (cause it's like a super corporate area - everyone's walking really fast all over the place like they were on some sort of mission that if they couldn't get there in time, someone was gonna throw bleach on their fancy ass prada/hugo suits). so yeah, not to digress. i saw the ang moh giving the cab driver the middle finger and i thought, wow cool, being the ignorant twat that i am. and then what i saw disgusted me more than i have ever been disgusted in my life at that point in time. THE CABBIE GAVE THE ANG MOH THE MIDDLE FINGER BACK. jesus christ. that's not the kind of shit you give to your (potential) customers! i can bet with you that the ang moh was trying to flag a cab to take him somewhere to attend a very very life or death meeting, and the cabbie refused to bring him there cause : 1) traffic was horrible. 2) it was very near and the cabbie wasn't interested in a RM10 or less fare. 3) the cabbie tried to extort an exorbitant sum from the ang moh seeing as how he wasn't local and he was in a rush. i guess that explains the third finger from the ang moh. i would have given the cabbie the third finger as well. i just don't understand the cabbie. and he was a young malay punk. i am NOT racist at all. i just think that these young cabbies are too cocky for their own damned good. if it was a young ahbeng or a joe cabbie, it would have been the same. young cocky bastards. i sure hope the ang moh got to his meeting on time. what the hell does this say for malaysian tourism man. government is trying to get people to come to malaysia. they say malaysian hospitality is one of the best. how to be the best? u get cabbies like that!? and cabbies are probably one of the most important people to play a part in promoting tourism in malaysia?! (as well as the hotel and tourism industry dudes). mannnn!!!

so, in other news. i was on my way home from work (same day), and i looked to my left and saw a chinese uncle READING SIN CHEW JIT POH WHILE HE WAS DRIVING! as in the papers was on his steering wheel!! i know its common to read papers when you drive. but this is ridiculous. his car was moving, and he kept glancing down at the papers on the wheel! i hope he scratched his precious mercedes s500 *snickers*

i just got back my ROME series box set from vincent today. i am going to be a couch potato. or maybe not. SHIT. i have to do some research assistant work for my ex law lecturer. shit. argh. this is pissing off. thursdays are not supposed to be like that. i hope friday is a better day. i don't want to waste a perfectly good weekend feeling shitty. and i need to go scout around for climbing shoes. maybe check out the camp5 boulder walls on saturday. screw it if no one wants to go with me to be my spotter. maybe i'll just fall and break my back. pain is good. pain is feeling. and feeling is ALWAYS good right?

speaking of feelings, i feel that i have become a very cynical and jaded person. maybe being too emotionally attached has been taking its toll on me. i should be like you. you don't care about anything or anyone, and you have no idea how much it hurts them to know that you probably don't give a rat's ass if they fell and broke their necks. there is no point in caring too much. it's all one sided anyway. and caring too much leaves you open. and vulnerable. easy for people to shit on. i was reading elle's latest blogpost and i can say i feel the same as her. maybe its better to have nothing at all in the first place and risk losing nothing, than to have everything and risk losing everything. i'm in the latter situation. i have EVERYTHING to lose and NOTHING to gain. this is not a nice feeling. this feeling of being left in the lurch, this feeling of being stuck in the middle, sitting on the fence. the feeling of worrying that every step you take, you could be stepping onto a landmine waiting to blow you up. it sucks. i'd rather do it in a less painful manner.

i want pasta. pasta makes me happy.and screw you all who say that eating alone is sad.




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