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Sunday, April 30, 2006

tons of questions that show your in depth side!


whats your name?: Sherrie
what do people call you?: Sherrieberrie, Berrie, Banana Berrie, Strawberrie, Bear Bear, Rie, RieRie, WieWie, Sally, Sallay, Sallyberrie
where you named after anything?: No idea, but Sherrie's pronounced as Cherie, and Cherie means "Darling in French :)
if you were born the oppisite sex what would your name be?: I like Josh
do people spell/say your name wrong?: It's Sherrie. Not Sherry! Not Cherry!
if you could change your name what would you change it to?: I like Sherrie :)
gender?: Female
birthday?: 16th March 1984
age?: 22
age you act?: Debatable :P
age you want to be?: 22
height?: 5'4ish, short lah..haih.
eye color?: Dark brown.
happy with it?: I guess :)
natural hair color?: Dark brown
happy with it? if not do you dye it?: Yes, and yes i dye it anyway
righty or lefty?: Ambidextrous :) I write with my right hand and do everythng else with my left (tennis, bowling, etc)
family?: I have one, yes
pets? Some
peircings?: 4
tatoos?: I have a VERY low treshold for pain

love and stuff

single?: Yes
who are you with, or who do you want to be with?: Got lah
are you in love?: Always
have you ever been in love, if so how many times?: Don't remember
do you believe in love at first sight?: Hmm..not really
is it possible to be faithful to one person for ever?: Yes
do you want to get married?: Sooner or later
do you want to have kids?:I guess
how many?: 2
do you believe in divorce?: Yes
do you belive in true love?: All loves are true
do you consider love a mistake?: No
turn-ons?: Lotsa stuff
turns-offs?: Even more stuff
do you think the oppisite sex finds you attractive? Haha i sure hope so
what is best about the opposite sex?: They're the opposite sex
what is worst about the oppisite sex?: They're the opposite sex
are you a virgin?: Yes
do you belive you should be in love to have sex?: Yes
how many people have you had sex with?: -N/A
do other people consider you a slut?:Nope, whore yes. Musicwhore. hehe

right at this moment...

where are you?: Upstairs living hall
what can you see out your window?: Neighbor's house, and a big ass tree i feel like climbing
are you listening to music?: Of course. Rooney's I'm Shakin'
are you lonely or tired?: Lonely
use 5 words to decribe how you are feeling: Lonely, Bored, Hungry, Annoyed and Heartsick.
are you talking to anyone online? if so who?: Yes, Calvin
are you talking to anyone of the phone? if so who?: Yes. Mom
what are you wearing?: Tank top and shorts
what are you doing?: Filling in this survey, and chatting
whats on your mousepad?: No mousepad


how many true friends do you have?: Can count on both hands
are you a loner?: Sometimes
who is your best friend?: Nazneen
oldest?: Jeffery
newest?: Some people I met at the seminar last week
shyest?: I'm not sure if I have any shy friends.
loudest?: Goodness..Yap, Xiang, Amos, King
smartest?: They're ALL smart :)
ditziest?: We're all ditzy :)
funniest?: All the foyer people
who is the best listener?: Nazneen, Kamarul, Jacqueline, Amos, Michelle.
do you prefer to hang out with one friend or a group of friends?: Either
who do you wish you were closer to?: Someone
who knows the most about you?: Kamarul, Nazneen, Kian Yeap
who knows the least about you?: A lot of them
who do you trust the most?: Nazneen, Kamarul, Xiang
the least?: ...
who do you fight with the most?: I don't fight
who do you talk to online the most?: Tyler, Nee On, Nazneen, Calvin, Prawin, Ju Lien
who do you talk to on the phone the most?: Nazneen ,Xiang, Prawin
do you trust others easily?: Unfortunately.
name one who's arms you feel safe in: Hmmm
who house were you at last?: Mine? =P Jeffery's I guess. I rarely go to people's houses, they come to mine
who's your second family?: The foyer bunch
who lives the farthest away?: Amos in Cheras, Nee On in Klang

do you....

smoke?: smoke what?
drink alcohol?: Of course. They don't call me an alco/vodkaholic for no reason
do drugs?: I love my pills
pray?: No
go to church?: No
sleep with stuffed animals?: No
take walks in the rain?: If i'm wearing heels and can't be half arsed to run
dance in the rain?: I want to try to
do any sports? if so which ones?: Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, Indoor Climbing/Bouldering
sleep around?: No
lie a lot?: To get me out of situations, yes
steal?: I've stolen before
gamble?: Chor Dai Dee is the devil's game, and that game Amos taught me in Nee On's house..8 or 9 or whatever

have you ever....

kissed a stranger?: What am I, stupid?
slept with a stranger?: ..
spun until you were so dizzy you couldn't walk?: Used to. I quite liked the feeling. Hehe
screamed so much you lost your voice?: Karaoke..Heeyyy, j - j - jaaaaaaaded!
laughed so much it was painful?: All the time
cried so much it was painful?: More than I should.
gone skinny dipping?: No
played strip poker?: Yes
had a medical emergency?: No
ran away from home?:Are you kidding me? I'm too dependent
done something extremely unexpected?: yes
slept outside?: Yes
been onstage?: Yes.

deep stuff....

whats your biggest fear?: Snakes. And i'm claustrophobic
what was your weirdest dream?:My ex-friend got eaten by a shark and I was a on a ship that looked a LOT like the one in Pirates of the Carribbean.
scariest dream?: Can't quite recall
do you have a reoccuring dream?: Nope
what was your best dream?: Can't remember any good dreams
what IS your dream?: To be successful and own my bookstore/musicstore/cafe when i'm 30
do you live in the moment?: I try my best
what you greatest strength?: My friends.
whats your greatest weakness?: Food. Italian Food. Pasta
do you have a motto you live by?: Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away
if your life were a movie what would it be called?: Sherrie
do you have any bad habits?: I bite my nails
do you have any secrets?: yes
are you fake?: No
what do you want to do in life?: Don't quite know yet. Something I enjoy. Definitely NOT corporate finance
are you a daredevil?: I can be.
are you predictable? Yes
do you keep a journal/diary?: Yes
if you could change one thing about you would you? what would it be?: I wish I could say "No" more often
if you were someone else, would you be friends with yourself?: Of course
do you think your a good person?: I'd like to think so.
do you think your emotionally strong?: I am emo. Same ah?
do you regret anything?: I try not to
do you think life has been good so far?: Yes
what do you like most about you body?:Everything's functioning as they should :)
least?: The fats are functioning as well :(
are you trust worthy?: I hope :)
are you gullible?: Very




vodka lime. whiskey neat.
naturals. non-naturals?
travelling. hotels. airports.
coffee joints. fine dining.
economics. finance. the stock market. foreign exchange.
swimming. tennis. volleyball.
indoor rock climbing.

i'm an enigma, but then again, who isn't?


curent playlist

snow patrol/chasing cars
the hush sound/we intertwined
architecture in helsinki/wishbone
lifehouse/storm (acoustic)
bic runga/sway
october fall/second chances
the new pornographers/twin cinema
muse/supermassive black hole
xiu xiu/brian the vampire


curent reads

milan kundera/the unbearable lightness of being
yukio mishima/the temple of the golden pavilion
james frey/a million little pieces
pietra rivoli/the travels of a t-shirt in the global economy: an economist examines the markets power and politics of world trade


Jeffery Seow
Joyce Tan




15 megs of fame
indie music
jeff ooi
kenny sia
malaysia kini
pure volume
The Edge Daily


julian li's photography
my flickr


Humankind cannot stand very much reality

- T.S. Eliot.

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by

- Douglas Adams.



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