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Friday, May 19, 2006

i am very frustrated. partly due to the fact that the current submission i am working on at work now was supposed to be handed in to the securities commission LAST THURSDAY. barring unforeseen circumstances, it has been delayed by a WEEK. it is 545pm now and we were supposed to hand it in by 430pm. obviously that didn't work out, so we are hoping to get it to the SC by 6pm (which is highly unlikely). the good people at the SC mailing room are only waiting till 6pm, otherwise it'll have to go in first thing monday morning. my superviser and i have already completed our parts a long time ago; it was other parties involved that held up the submission but it wouldn't be nice to mention who they are. ultimately, if the submission is late or doesn't follow the timeline and anything screws up, the first place those fingers will be pointing at will be in the corporate finance department's direction, i.e. our direction. which is actually quite sucky; as we have already done our parts, but by some stroke of bad luck, when merchant/investment banking was first introduced, the dude (whoever was in charge back then) had to delegate the responsibility of submissions to the relevant authorities to the corporate finance division.

now, don't get me wrong, i love my job. i am learning so much from it and it is indeed very very good for my CV, no doubt, but it's shitty when you get blamed for other people's mistakes. it's like that everywhere, i know. i was speaking to my supervisers/bosses yesterday over a glass of teh o ais, and they were telling me that working in corporate finance is like firefighting. there's a fire, an emergency; the firemen go in and put out the fire. if they don't put it out in time, they're gonna burn and die. and the fire wasn't even the firemen's fault. in corporate finance, we are the firemen. i just thought that it was a really nice way of putting things into perspective for me :) somehow listening to all that hasn't turned me off working in corporate finance yet, it just makes me wanna work harder and faster so i don't burn to my death.

i have been working late the past couple of days so maybe that's why i have been feeling really tired lately. the late nights and the going home late and the last minute meetings and everything else have been taking a toll on me; its not healthy. that and coupled with the fact that certain people that i am close to are taking me for granted doesn't make things any nicer for me.

speaking of those people, there is a lot of crap i can handle from them. but there are some, if you do it too often, it's just gonna piss the crap out of me:
  • i don't mind if you ffk me. once. twice. third time, maybe. of course all 3 times you provided me with certain "valid" excuses that i fell for, being the idiotic naive, gullible person i am.
  • you want me to help you. fine. i will. but that doesn't mean that once i help you, i am obligated to help you for the rest of my life (or yours, for that matter).
  • when you say you will do something, do it! NEVER EVER tell me not to worry cause everything will be alright (cause you're handling it), and then turn around and say, "oops, sorry".

i am not pissed. i am just a little frustrated by everything that's going on around me at this moment.

i am not pissed, i am not pissed, i am not pissed, i am not pissed, i am not pissed, i am not pissed, i am not pissed, i am not, i am not..i am...





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