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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

my mom just called me and we spoke of the most random thing, like ever. she asked the standard, "where are you? have you gone home? how come haven't gone home? what time are you going home? why are you working so late? why are you staying back so late? how are you going home? remember to eat your dinner. don't eat so expensive, etc etc". i just answered la, said, "i'm at work, haven't gone home, cause got work to do, got FIC (foreign investment committee) submission due tomorrow, going home about 9ish, 10, driver picking me up from office, i will eat with my colleages, eating beef noodles/hor fun/prawn noodles/(insert whatever dai-chow dish) at soo kee. not expensive."

mom: but most of your colleagues are malay! not halal!
me: i have chinese colleagues, mummy. just not my department
mom: wah you got friends ah? after 10 months of working how many friends you have already?
me: -_______________- got lah.


then she proceeds to ask me about my work. and then she compares it with her work last time. (she previously used to be in corporate banking, my dad was in corporate finance, now in investment banking, and i am currently in corporate finance/merchant banking).

i was telling her that my work was stressful, a lot of hard work and overtime, etc etc and she said the funniest thing i've heard her say in ages.

"last time you know, my time (that's really long ago by the way..haha), we had no computers with windows/microsoft words. you think last time so easy like you now is it, just copy, paste, edit, cut here cut there paste here paste there. last time we had to retype everything on the typewriter, and even if we cut and paste (literally), we had to photocopy it to make it look original. and when we had to attach the appendixes, my secretary used to scream at us because the page numbering would be all wrong (after all the cutting and the pasting). so you better be thankful you have the computer. makes life easier for you.

and if i can do it while being pregnant with the three of you (i have two other siblings), you can too. imagine last time, i got phone call from ama(my grandmother) saying that your schoolbag came home and you didn't, i had to drop all my corporate banking and my syndicated loan things and call papa to tell him that you were missing. last time no such thing as the sms mms handphone technology, had to call the department secretary, and he was in the meeting so she kept telling me that he was in a meeting, and i had to tell her "this is important! this is his wife!! its his daughter!! she is missing!" and then papa had to drop all his corporate finance investment banking thing to come and pick me up from work and then we went all the way to sri kl and look in all the toilets for you because you didnt go home with the schoolbus. we searched for hours, asked ama where you were, but she said the bus driver just threw your bag over the gate and drove off. she said the ah poh (the old lady who used to take care of me) was chasing after the bus screaming your name after she saw your bag on the ground but not you, but the bus driver went off already".

LOL. and at that point i was laughing my head off cause that was such a funny moment. i think that was the only time i got lost. LOL. or i didn't go home with the bus. the real story's like this.

when the schoolbell rang after the last period, me (and every other preschool kid at the time) ran to our schoolbuses in the designated school bus compound in Sri KL (where i studied during my preschool and primary school years). however, after dropping my schoolbag off in the bus, i felt the need to pee. so i got off the bus and went to the toilet. and when i came back to the bus compound, my bus had already gone (along with my schoolbag). so me, not knowing anything, decided to hop onto another schoolbus hoping that the bus driver would send me home too. little did i know that the bus driver did not send kids back to OUG/Taman Desa/Old Klang Road (where i was staying before i moved to pj). but he was nice enough to call my bus driver and asked where i live and then he dropped me off, much to the relief of my family.

so yeah.


memories. hehe. niceness. i miss those days when everything was so simple.




vodka lime. whiskey neat.
naturals. non-naturals?
travelling. hotels. airports.
coffee joints. fine dining.
economics. finance. the stock market. foreign exchange.
swimming. tennis. volleyball.
indoor rock climbing.

i'm an enigma, but then again, who isn't?


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milan kundera/the unbearable lightness of being
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Humankind cannot stand very much reality

- T.S. Eliot.

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by

- Douglas Adams.



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