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Friday, May 05, 2006

my stomach's churning and my heart's beating really fast. there is a huge ball of emotion rolling around inside of me. i don't quite know how to describe it; it's a weird feeling. it's rolling around all over the place. very has no direction. it wants one. it knows of one, but that is not an option. so it's just going to keep rolling till it runs out of place to roll. that's the optimistic view. if you want pessimistic, i am just waiting for someone with a pin to prick it and let me out of my misery.

i feel bloated today. not physically of course. although i am wearing black, if that helps. i feel like a balloon is expanding inside of my head, my brain. it's suffocating me. i feel the edges pushing against the walls of my cranium. or the oblongata. or whatever you call the inside of your skull. i was never into science. couldn't be bothered.

this is not a nice feeling.

there is no point to this entry. it is just a random post about how i'm feeling now. it's noon. in 15 minutes i am leaving for KLCC to meet prawn for lunch at 1230. that should be fun. he's just had an interview with the SC this morning for the CMGTS thing. i hope he gets in. he deserves it. he has another interview near KLCC later at 3. i hope he gets that too.

i just went upstairs to pass someone something. i find myself having to make excuses to see him. any reason to see him. it's not supposed to be like this. maybe i just think he's nice company. he's awesome company, in fact. but it's very platonic. i hope.

speaking of platonic, someone sent me a private message on one of the forums i visit, and called me a slut. LOL. me. sherrie. a slut. sherrie who probably won't have the balls and the guts to tell the person she likes that she likes him (or god forbid, her). LOL. i still find it quite amusing. what is wrong with a girl having close guy friends and vice versa? some girls just find it easier to hang out with guys, etc. i'm like that. get a life, byatch. bring your insecurities and jealous feelings elsewhere. i don't even fucking know you, so stop calling me names, you piece of trash. i am going to take as many pictures as i like with all my guy friends and i will post them all just to spite the shit out of you. it's my damned blog and i do what i damn like. *evil smirk*

its 1203pm. yay. lunch in 27 minutes. leaving in 12 minutes. now 10. i can't wait. i need to get out of office for a little while.

it's not to say that i don't love my job. i LOVE my job. with a passion. just that sometimes it is quite nice and refreshing to take a break from analyzing financial reports and working on excel spreadshits spreadsheets. i have recently gotten a promotion (well not a promotion per se, but superviser has recognized my erm.. capabilities.. and my current responsibilities have increased tenfold. which is a good thing. for me and my CV and my future career advancement). i stayed back at work till late last night, am staying back tonight as well. i know it's a friday night (i can hear chants of "get a life" but screw you, i love my job :P). i am coming in again tomorrow (i know it's a saturday.a NON-working saturday) but screw you again. i LOVE my job. like with a passion :) or, it could also be that the submission deadline is next week. so i am working my ass off now to meet the deadline. mwahahahahaha.

=). it's 1215pm. i am off to meet prawn for lunch. enjoy friday, everyone! :)




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i'm an enigma, but then again, who isn't?


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Humankind cannot stand very much reality

- T.S. Eliot.

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by

- Douglas Adams.



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