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Sunday, June 18, 2006

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i can't say that i've always been a loyal follower/supporter of football. i've seen a full match or two (more so recently since the world cup started). all i knew about football was liverpool, chelsea, manchester united and a handful of other clubs that i can't quite pronounce the names :) i've got friends who are football fanatics, and when i say fanatic, i mean crazy-ass diehard hardcore fanatic. most of my friends belong to the liverpool/ chelsea/ manchester united camps, hence i know quite a bit about those clubs. know a bit meaning i know that gerrard is in liverpool and lampard is in chelsea. heehee. don't ask me about rankings, or who's a bigger scorer. i don't really know what an offside is, but i know its something to do with the last line of defence before the goalkeeper or something like that. friends have given up trying to explain to me. i still don't get it. the thought and the image of 22 men running after one ball on a big field leaves my mind boggled. and i don't think this includes the referees and the officials, does it? ah well.

however, since the world cup started, i have been watching a lot of football. a LOT. like almost every game. partly because i have placed many a *small* bet on the outcomes of these games hehe, and because friends i hang out with watch football. friends i didn't know watch football are actually those that will wait till 3am and go sit in a mamak to watch a goal-less or a 1-1 draw match. *shakes head*.

watching football with my friends is fun. its enjoyable. but what makes it so much better is that feeling of *awww* you get when you have two different cliques of friends who sit down together at the same mamak table in the middle of the morning and watch football together and you don't have to worry whether they will get along together or not because they DO. it's weird to see them sitting together and trade remarks and opinions over the sweden - trinidad&tobago game and then laugh over it over a *insert mamak drink here*. it leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside :)

i have friends who hate liverpool or chelsea with a passion (they're either liverpool/ chelsea or manchester united fans - what's WRONG with these people? LOL) but when the world cup rolls along, they are all in the same bandwagon. they all cheer for england, because both gerrard and lampard are in the england squad. LOL. or how a chelsea fan is torn between supporting the ivory coast and holland because drogba and robben both play for chelsea. who to support? LOL. how does one choose which team to support anyway? skills? players? who is more lengjai? *wheeeeee england and sweden! ljungberg! owen! mellberg!* oops i digressed. sorry =P

i am such a horrible fan actually. i was actually kinda rooting for argentina to win the game against serbia&montenegro on friday, but when i found out they massacred serbia&montenegro 6-0, i felt SO bad for serbia&montenegro. i didn't watch that match cause i was in restoran ah loy in oug having a really good bowl of kari meehoon laksa with tau foo far (with gula melaka!) while the match was going on in steven's corner just another block across the road. oh the horror, the horror. the holland v. ivory coast match was alright too :) so was the satay ayam from steven's hehe.

speaking of being a bad fan, i am rooting for any team as long as brazil doesn't win (again). i am praying for an upset tonight - australia v. brazil. a draw is good enough for me =P *waits for a brazilian fan to throw something at me*. i'm serious. isn't it BORING that brazil ALWAYS wins? sigh. an upset would make it so much more interesting. there are a couple of good games that i want to watch this coming weeks. brazil v. australia, france v. south korea, sweden v. england, netherlands v. argentina, and portugal v. mexico.

england v. sweden. stress la. i like owen, gerrard, lampard. but i also like ljungberg and mellberg.

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